2nd June 2017 - This is a very limited list of the cameras that I’ve experienced first hand working with my app, or been confirmed by people who’ve used the app. It’s mainly an aide memoire for me and will be very basic until I’ve built it out:

Experienced first-hand

  • Foscam FI8910, FI8908, FI8918 with 2-way audio and many controls
  • Foscam FI8608 H.264 camera - RTSP Video + Audio support (using the Media Port) and basic controls
  • Foscam FI9821W RTSP Video + Audio support and many controls
  • Tenvis JPT3815 with 2-way audio and many controls
  • Tenvis iProbot 3 RTSP Video + Audio support, basic controls
  • Wanscam
  • JW0004 may only work when in Proxy Safer mode

Reported by users

  • Kogan Indoor ipcamera
  • Storage Options
  • Apexis
  • Instar
  • Hootoo
  • ebode IP Vision
  • Watchbot
  • Some axis cameras.

App store description

“Currently only tested with Foscam FI8908 & FI8918 and Tenvis JPT3815 but users have reported success with Storage Options, Apexis, Instar, Hootoo, ebode IP Vision, Watchbot and Wanscam branded cameras.”